Worksheet 5

Worksheet 5

Survival in the Jungle

Task 1: Pre-reading activity

Work in pair, predict some of the details in the story. Write T or F in front of each statement.

_________         1.  The story you are going to read is a true story.

_________         2.  It is a story about Juliane, a boy at about 17 years old.

_________         3.  The story took place in the jungle in South America.

_________         4.  Juliane was the lone survivor from the plane crash.

_________         5.  Juliane was found by a rescue team 10 days after the accident.

  Task 2: While-reading activity

Read the story and answer the questions below.

Paragraph 1:

  1. Why did Juliane fly to Pucallpa?
  2. What does Juliane’s father do?
  3. Why did the plane crash?
  4. What happened to Juliane when the plane crashed?
  5. Why didn’t Juliane make it to her destination?

Paragraph 2:

  1. Where did Juliane find herself when she came to after the crash?
  2. What injuries had she suffered?
  3. What did Juliane do after she found the plane?

Paragraph 3:

  1. How did her father’s advice help her come through the ordeal?
  2. What difficulties did she have to deal with?
  3. Why did she use a walking stick?

Paragraph 4:

  1. Why didn’t the planes help Juliane?
  2. Why did Juliane drink water only?
  3. Who found Juliane and how did they help her?
  4. How did she go to Pucallpa?

What did she do after she went back to Germany?



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