Worksheet 4

Worksheet 4



Task 1:         Before Listening, look at the picture on page 27, read the True/False questions, then try to

answer the following questions.

1. What happened to the mule?

2. Did the farmer help the mule?

3. Was the farmer or the mule in a very difficult situation?

4. Did the people help the farmer or the mule?

5. Did the mule die at the end?

Task 2:         Compare your answer with other groups, and summarize the whole story.

Task 3:         Answer True/False questions on page 27, then listen to the story to check your answers.

Task 4:         Listen again and complete the following sentences with the given words.

misery, overcome, sympathized, triumphantly, dirt, exhausted


1.   The farmer ____________ with the mule but he decided was not worth saving.

2.   The farmer wanted to bury the mule in the well and put it out of his____________.

3.   Every time a shovel load of _____________ landed on his back, the mule could shake it off

and step up.

4.   The old mule fought to __________ his panic and kept on shaking off the dirt and stepping


5.   It wasn’t long before the old mule, battered and ____________, stepped ____________outof the well.

Task 5:         Work in group of 4-5, collect well-known saying or proverb, in Thai or English, that we use to encourage or give advice to people in a very difficult situation.



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