Worksheet 1

Worksheet 1

The Amish






Clothing: Men:Women:


Way of Life:





Answer Key:

Origin:           The Amish originally lived along the RhineRiver, in southern Germany and in Switzerland.

Migration:   At the beginning of the eighteenth century, some Amish migrated to the

United States, and many settled in Pennsylvania.

Clothing:      Men:  Men usually dress in plain dark-colored suits and wear coats without collar, Lapels, or pockets. Trousers never have creases or cuffs and are worn with Suspenders, not belts.

Women:       Women usually wear plain- colored dresses with long sleeves, or a long

skirt and blouse with an apron. Amish women are not permitted to wear

patterned clothing or jewelry.

Way of Life:     Conservative Amish avoid using modern technology such as electricity,

televisions, automobiles, telephones; however New Order Amish are beginning to use items such as inline skates, cell phones, and gas barbecue grills.

Education:          The Amish provide their children with formal education only through the eighth grade and only in their own private schools.



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